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 La Siesta is Ealing’s local authentic Spanish tapas bar and restaurant. When dining out in West London whether for lunchtime food, evening meals or just a quick snack. Whether you need a birthday restaurant, couples restaurant or a family restaurant we provide the best traditional Spanish food in London. Close to all of our ingredients come directly from Spain. La Siesta’s Spanish cuisine could be described as a rich blend of various specialties from Spain’s different regions, a reflection of Spanish traditions and customs. Anyone visiting Valencia, for example, should not fail to order paella, a typical dish from Valencian. On special occasions, 18th century Valencians used paelleras to cook rice in the open air of their orchards near Lake Albufera. Coastal residents substituted seafood for meat and beans, thereby inventing seafood paella. Later, Spaniards mixed seafood into the original Valencian recipe and mixed paella was born. During the 20th century, paella's popularity spread past Spain's borders. As other cultures set out to make paella, the dish invariably acquired regional influences. Consequently, paella recipes went from being relatively simple to including a wide variety of seafood, meat, sausage, vegetables and many different seasonings. However, the most globally popular recipe is seafood paella. In Spain, mixed paella is very popular. Some restaurants in Spain that serve this mixed version, refer to it as Valencian paella but Valencians insist only the original Valencian recipe can bear the name paella valenciana.

Throughout Spain, the traditional Spanish omelette or tortilla is a dish guaranteed to please visitors and one that never fails. Sauces and relishes, such as Roquefort, brava and ali-oli. These and many other sauces form part of this rich intermarriage of cultures and recipes. Without them, many dishes would lose much of their quality, as well as depriving diners of the opportunity to indulge in the quite essentially the Spanish way of “mopping-up”. La Siesta cuisine meals offer a compendium of traditional Spanish tapas giving our dinners the tastes and flavours of Spain. La Siesta aims to give those eating out in west London a local Spanish restaurant that provides the best tapas meals in London. Our Spanish tapas style restaurant aims to give diners who wish to know more about a country that offers a rich variety of culinary products, meat, game, fish, sauces, soups, eggs, pulses and vegetables and a variety of ways of preparing them. Combined together they represent a unique and unmistakable expression of Spanish culture and identity.